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Martindale-Hubbell’s new Client Champion awards recognize those attorneys who excel at service as affirmed by their clients. The awards, based on the quantity and quality of an attorney’s Martindale-Hubbell client reviews, demonstrate an ongoing commitment to delivering excellent client service. Award recipients stand out from their peers with a platinum, gold or silver icon.

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More powerful than individual comments, Martindale-Hubbell’s Client Champion awards are certified by the oldest and most trusted name in attorney reviews. Learn how the silver, gold and platinum levels reflect an attorney’s sustained ability to meet the legal needs of those they serve.

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the different awards and the requirements for each?

    There are three award levels, based on a combination of the number of reviews and the average score.

    • Silver – At least three reviews and a score of 4.0 or higher.
    • Gold – At least six reviews and a score of 4.2 or higher.
    • Platinum – At least 10 reviews and a score of 4.5 of higher.

    At the launch of the award, all reviews currently posted on will be counted to determine award eligibility. Going forward, Martindale-Hubbell will begin to look only at reviews from the most recent 24 months.
  • Is the Client Champion award a lifetime award?

    Because consumers place great value on recent reviews, the Client Champion awards are based on currency and quantity of reviews as measured across a two-year time frame. We will be assessing attorneys’ review status twice annually and will adjust awards accordingly.

  • What happens at the two-year mark?

    As an example, take an attorney who has 1 review from August 2015 and five reviews from 2016 and 2017, which qualifies the attorney for the Gold Client Champion award. Prior to our assessment at the end of 2017, the attorney will be advised that their status will change if they do not receive new reviews. If, at the time of the assessment the attorney has not received any new reviews, they will then have the Silver Client Champion award (3 or more reviews from the prior two years). If the attorney were to receive at least one new review and again meet all the qualifications for the Gold award status, they would go back up from Silver to Gold.

  • Will I be notified if my award changes?

    Yes, we will notify attorneys in advance of any change in status. Because attorneys and firms should seek client reviews on a regular basis, we hope that the majority of the status changes will be the achievement of higher award levels.

  • Can I display the award on our firm website and in our marketing materials?

    Yes. When you are notified of your award, you will receive a link to a page where you can download the award badge.

  • Are Client Champion awards available for law firms?

    No, not at this time.

  • If the awards aren’t available for law firms, why should our firm continue to get new client reviews?

    83% of legal consumers check attorney reviews online as their first step in finding legal counsel. Firms don’t know whether prospects will find their firm-level client reviews or individual attorney reviews when they’re researching the firm, so it behooves a firm to have recent types of both reviews. Additionally, search results on display on a law firm level, so firms will want reviews to appear in search results.

  • If I have no reviews and get three reviews with an average of 4.0, how quickly do I get an award?

    Client review scores are calculated and displayed on and in real-time. As soon as you receive an average score of 4.0 across 3 reviews, you will also be awarded a Silver Client Champion award. The award badge will appear on your profile within 24 hours.

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