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Launching a pay-per-click campaign raises your firm’s visibility and delivers targeted leads. It is the only way to guarantee prominent placement on Google and other search engines. However, setting the correct parameters is a challenging process that requires detailed knowledge and careful monitoring. The PPC specialists at Martindale-Hubbell understand what prospects are looking for and how to maximize your investment.

PPC advertising empowers you to reach geographic areas beyond your office location. By increasing traffic to your site, you increase the probability of converting searchers into clients. Our team will customize a program that can combine with SEO to boost the return on your investment.

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Use a search engine ad to enhance website results


Detailed campaign analysis

We work to make your PPC campaign as cost-effective as possible by using the best analytics data available. This way, we know what prospects are searching for and ensure that your investment is directed toward the most productive keywords.


Careful performance monitoring

Monitoring PPC campaigns and making changes based on performance takes more time than most attorneys can devote to marketing. Our dedicated specialists manage your entire campaign and adjust it regularly to produce the best possible results and generate the most leads.


Powerful advertising content

Our PPC specialists know how to deliver a compelling, targeted message within the tight constraints of a PPC ad. We create landing pages with strong conversion potential. We are able to craft a unique presentation that meets your objectives.

How we launch and monitor your PPC program

Our specialists create and adjust your campaign

After you discuss your goals and budget parameters with one of our dedicated marketing professionals, we develop a campaign that targets the terms and timeframes that are most likely to generate clients. Your PPC specialist reviews your ad’s ability to generate traffic and conversions while suggesting adjustments based on your feedback. By watching each ad’s daily performance and keeping track of market trends, we can implement appropriate changes in a timely manner.

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Frequently asked questions about PPC advertising

  • How do I judge the program’s success?

    Prior to launch, we will provide an informed estimate of the leads you should receive given your campaign targets and investment level. You can work with your account manager to see monthly stats on your ad campaign's performance.

  • What if I need to make changes?

    Our PPC team is available to help you evaluate the success of your program and make instant adjustments.

  • What type of investment is required?

    Each firm and location is different, but we ensure that you establish a program that values your investment, meets your budget and obtains meaningful results.

  • Who writes the advertisement?

    Martindale-Hubbell pay-per-click specialists create a compelling advertisement that promotes your message within the strict character limits established by Google and other websites where your ad appears.

  • Where will my PPC advertising appear?

    In addition to showing up on the top and bottom of results pages when someone conducts a relevant search, your advertisement can appear within pertinent online articles and on social media platforms.

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