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Your firm can generate client leads through a well-executed SEO strategy that we implement using topic-focused pages designed to achieve high rankings in search engines. To ensure your Gold or Platinum site ranks well, our SEO specialists combine a thorough analysis of your goals with the latest changes and trends in search engine optimization. We develop a comprehensive strategy to improve your visibility within desktop and mobile searches, and include detailed analytics so you can evaluate the site’s performance. Your site benefits from authoritative links, profile verification and custom content that enhance your firm’s online presence and increase visitors to your site.

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A customized, focused, comprehensive SEO strategy


Competitive analysis

If your firm has a current website, we look at its performance and see how it can be improved. Our team also evaluates other law firm sites in your practice area so we can assess what specific keywords and tactics will work best for your new Martindale website.


Knowledgeable SEO engineers design a tailored campaign

Each law firm is unique, and the best way to maximize your SEO investment is to base every aspect of the campaign on your specific goals. Our SEO engineers take your marketing objectives and generate a complete strategy to achieve them. From there, we determine which practice area terms should be targeted and how many pages of informative content are needed.


Dedicated SEO specialists

Our SEO team provides communication and transparency throughout the lifetime of your site to accommodate the ever-changing SEO environment. Just as you maintain and build your legal knowledge to serve clients better, our specialists review SEO information daily, attend industry conferences and share successful strategies to stay ahead of the curve.


Sites built to target high-converting keywords

We construct each website according to SEO best practices and can quickly adapt to adjustments in search engine algorithms. Our developers code your website so that it can be quickly indexed by search engine “crawlers” — programs that browse the web to verify what material is on your site. Writers then work closely with our SEO team to create content with keywords that strengthen the site’s ability to attract traffic. We make sure that site maps, headers and metatags are all focused on your marketing targets.


Off-site optimization

We evaluate the competitiveness of your targeted searches so that we can assess what type of off-site optimization techniques will work best. Our SEO specialists ensure that your natural search and local profile information is verified on key sites like Google, Yelp and Apple Maps. We also build links that will increase your site’s authority among major search engines. Advances from our research and development team help us to find new linking opportunities that position your website for success.

Track your SEO progress

Our specialists keep you informed

To ensure you know how your site is performing, our SEO team emphasizes transparency and engagement as we work to improve your search engine results. We advise you on the steps we take to maximize your investment and give you access to an online dashboard that measures search engine traffic. At each stage of the campaign, you will be fully informed of conversions including phone calls and email contacts, as well as general SEO trends that we outline in a newsletter. Take the first step by learning how we can enhance your search engine presence.

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What other law firms are saying about our SEO services

  • “We are extremely happy with our Martindale-Hubbell website. Our website serves as an instrumental tool in terms of generating traffic to our firm, which has resulted in many leads.”

    Peter Hurwitz, Member Law Office of Peter A. Hurwitz, PLLC
  • “The web site Martindale-Hubbell built was amazing. My colleagues, clients and friends have all commented that my website is amazing. The site is directly responsible for a 25% increase in business. The site explored new areas of law and this has resulted in new leads, new clients, new business that I did not have before.”

    James C. Zimmermann, Attorney The Law Offices of James C. Zimmermann
  • “Martindale-Hubbell has provided our firm with a quality website that gets results! Their staff promptly responds to our inquiries and are quick to provide effective solutions to accomplish our goals.”

    Jeff Harding, Member Harding, Harding & Harding

Frequently asked questions about search engine optimization

  • What specific SEO enhancements are built into my website?

    Based on your objectives, we structure your site using meta tags, easy-to-read code for Google (including schema markup) and optimized content that provides the information that potential clients seek online. Our SEO specialists research what your top competitors are doing and then work with our writers to give you an advantage in attracting prospects and search engines. With every site we build, we follow SEO best practices and craft key items like meta titles and internal links based on your marketing goals.

  • What kind of results can I expect?

    Each SEO campaign is unique, but our specialists know how to establish accurate expectations based on your location and practice area. We monitor leads and traffic on a monthly basis to track progress against these objectives and examine search engine trends to identify areas of opportunity. Through our easy-to-use dashboard, you can evaluate how the website is performing at any time. Our team can answer all of your questions about these metrics and suggest ideas about expanding your site’s visibility.

  • Once the site is launched, what type of ongoing service do I receive?

    We audit and adjust your SEO campaign to reflect constantly evolving search patterns, based on topics that trend up or down and corresponding changes in user behavior. You don’t have the time or resources to keep track of each change or possible improvement, so Martindale-Hubbell does it for you, keeping you ahead of the competition. Your specialist can suggest special features like high-quality informative videos that add to your site’s authority while increasing engagement with potential clients.

  • How do I know which keywords I should target?

    Our team has detailed information on the specific terms that generate the most activity. An SEO engineer evaluates your market and competition, taking special note of the websites that have the best placement in mobile and desktop searches. We then propose a series of targeted keywords that will work best for you given your particular goals and budget.

  • How do you create content that supports my SEO goals?

    Martindale-Hubbell’s SEO strategists prepare a detailed outline which indicates the topics that will maximize search engine potential. From there, our professional legal writers use information provided by the firm and their own research to create content that is equally attractive to search engines and potential clients who are looking for authoritative legal information.

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